Friday, 29 June 2012

It's Raining, It's pouring....

Oh today is a grey grey day, it's raining.
But I feel better, for the last few days I have felt that my brain was full of stuffing, I felt clogged, irritable and snappy.
I have a few copping mechanisms for when depression hits but even those were struggling.
I did have a revelation... I am allowed to relax and take a day for me. For me this was big as I do find it hard to relax, I work for myself and feel I should always be doing something. I mostly work the hardest at weekends when I take my creations out to the general public.

One of the reasons for me feeling better is I think the weather broke. I believe the pressure systems have an effect on my brain. Today it feels like the stuffing has been removed and I can go ahhhhhhhh.
Today I am feeling chilled and my fussy cat has deemed my lap worth and his.

So does anyone else find weather pressure systems affect their mood?

Raindrops by me.

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