Tuesday, 23 March 2010

New Project Glass Fairy

This week I have been trying new thing's.
Here is my first Glass Fairy.

I found a patten/design and printed it out on to paper.
I then used this a guide to cutting the glass, you can see below how it's coming together.

One tip make sure you look out for the needle sharp shard's of glass.
I didn't and kept leaving my mark on bit's very annoying and painful!!

As before in my commision project I put the glass in the kiln with clear glass covering the joins.

Here is the finished piece.

Hanging in the window.
When in place in the window I think she comes to life.
For my first attempt, I am pleased with the results.

You can Purchase her here http://www.vibrantglassart.com/gifts

1 comment:

Aviya Glass said...

Very pretty! Excellent for a first attempt seeing as glass rather annoyingly shrinks away from other bits! Having done similar things I know how much time and work went into that!