Tuesday, 9 March 2010

New Commission

I was asked by my local school to make something special to hang in their class room. They had a competition for a design and here are the pictures of the process.

Glass and tool used

I used an oil filled glass cutter and breaker to cut the glass to shape. All the glass used is transparent to let the sun shine through.
In the design all the colours represent meanings so I selected the colours used with great care.

The first attempt ready for firing.

I used black stringers, which is very very thin bits of glass, to cover the seams.

Here is the first attempt ready in the kiln.
You can see the heating element is the lid, this provides an even heat.

Here is the first attempt finished.
I really like it, very organic. Although not what is required, so back to the glass board.

Here is mark two I have used stripes of clear glass over the seams, hopefully this will hold the design together.
Later I will post Mark 2 after firing as it is still in the kiln cooling down.

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