Sunday, 4 March 2012

Lorraine Dowdle #CRAFTfest Stall

Here is Lorraine's stall, she is one very talanted lady making lampworked jewellery.
In her own words "Hand creating glass beads, and incorporating these original works of art into a wearable creation is exhilarating!"
I love the colour of her pieces.
This is one I really like,
Dulc'e Bracelet
"My latest offering in My Lamp work collection are these 8 gorgeous beads I made one at a time over the flame and annealed overnight in my Kiln.

I used Silver enriched Glass which reacts beautifully in the flame giving clear and gorgeous jewel like tones throughout the glass. I also melted beautiful handmade murrini glass form Lori Peterson and Kim Milan into one of my beads.

I called this beautiful creation Dulc'e
and incorporated the beads of which the feature bead measures (2.1cm x 1.4cm thick) with my absolute love for wire and created a piece that that looks breathtaking.
The bracelet has been accented with large Swarovski crystals in dark amethyst adding to the Jewel tone this bracelet exudes." Lorraine Dowdle.

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Lorraine Dowdle said...

Hi Ann... thank you so much for posting this awesome post.... What a lovely thing to do and say.... xxxxxx LD