Sunday, 26 February 2012

Do you Love Chain Mail Jewellery?

I do I think its fab, Introducing Spiral Fountain Jewellery's CRAFTfest stall. CLICK HERE to view.
An array of inspirational wire & chain mail jewellery.
I love most of these items here are a couple of fav's.
Enamelled Copper Chainmail Bracelet
This 8 inch chainmail bracelet has been created using silver, pink, violet & purple enamelled copper jump rings, completed with a silver plated filigree clasp.
Price: £17.50
Chakra Chainmail Spiral Fountain Jewellery Necklace
This 16 inch chakra chainmail necklace has been created using enamelled copper jump rings & silver plated chain. The length of the chain can be customised if you wish.

Chakras are the energy ecosystem of our bodies, a belief derived from ancient Hindu texts. There are seven chakra's defined by rainbow colours from the purple at the crown to red at the base. Good health & well being are associated with the balance of these chakras.

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